About Madison Classics

The Madison Classics Team

Gary Esse of Madison Classics started working on cars when he was 13 years old at his Father's gas station in Madison, WI. As his interest in cars grew, he began buying and selling cars and parts on a regular basis. Before he knew it, selling N.O.S. Chevy parts had become the way he supported his family.

One day on the way home from Hersey, PA, Gary started thinking that the Midwest needed a show like those found in Pennsylvania. Being a vendor himself, Gary understood what it took to put together a solid show, and with support of his wife LaRhee and close friends Madison Classics was born. Since then, the Madison Classic's line of car shows has evolved into some of the Midwest's largest Auto Swap meets, drawing crowds from all over the United States.

Gary envisioned Madison Classics as something larger than just a swap meet. He believed that Madison Classics could help carry on the tradition of classic cars on to the next generation. Being a family business, Gary, wife LaRhee and their three sons, Paul, Erick, and David each played key roles in the growth of Madison Classics. Together, the family has transformed Madison Classics into a career for all three sons.

In March of 2011, LaRhee passed away after a seven year battle with cancer. She was not only a founder of Madison Classics; she also took great pride in organizing the shows. She is dearly missed and will be remembered by many.

Gary and his three sons and Scott Bockover will take the torch and plan on operating the swap meets well into the future.

Here Are A Few Stats Of Our Shows!

Spring Jefferson Car Show and Swap Meet - 39th Annual - This is the Big One! Over 20,000+ spectators, 3,100+ swap spaces, 100's cars for sale, and 100's of show cars. Wow! This car show and swap meet covers 99 acres!

Summer Elkhorn Car Show and Swap Meet - 31st Annual - Now two BIG days! This swap meet has been a very consistent favorite with 13,000+ spectators, 1,300+ swap spaces, 100's cars for sale, and 800+ show cars. Show cars are welcome both Saturday and Sunday!

Fall Jefferson Car Show and Swap Meet - 39th Annual - This one is BIG too! This car show has proven to be a great place for picking up restoration parts for your winter projects. There are 20,000+ spectators, 3,100+ swap spaces, 100's cars for sale, and 100's show cars. Don't miss this car show and swap meet!