Selling my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Official Pace Car. Yes the car does not have the graphics, rear strobes but have that goes with would need to be mounted. Also does not have correct wheels. The check engine light is on for egr valve, oxygen sensor which has the simulator so probably just needs tuned out. Also need I believe pass side abs harness. The passenger side fog strobe is burnt out also.The paint needs some work. The car has 69xxx miles. The front and rear brakes as well as wheels and tires have about 5k on them. The car has a 3.4 pulley, headers, some sort of rockers, throttle body, intake, and some other exhaust work. I think there is a idler pulley on its way out. I am being as forward as I can about the car. Car is rust free. Asking $8750k OBO. Located in Watertown Wisconsin.